AMD Extends Genoa into Embedded

The Epyc 9004 embedded products, deriving from the Genoa server processor, offer 16 to 96 cores. AMD is generous with cache, DDR5 channels, and PCIe lanes, but it lacks application-specific features.
Bryon Moyer
Bryon Moyer

AMD’s new Epyc 9004 embedded processors extend the family code-named Genoa into the high-end embedded space, targeting storage, networking, and industrial markets. The top model has 50% more CPU cores (96) than the largest one from AMD’s prior generation. Using the same die as the PC chips, the family enables features unavailable in nonembedded versions and is qualified for extended product availability.

The Epyc Embedded family has 10 members ranging from 16 to 96 Zen 4 CPUs. All are scalable to dual-processor configurations. Features unique to AMD’s embedded offering include nontransparent bridging, nonvolatile-DIMM support, dual SPI ports for secure two-stage boot, and a seven-year availability commitment.

The family’s base clock frequency is around 3 GHz, approaching (and even exceeding, in one case) 4 GHz peak; TDP tops out at 360 W. Comparing models with equivalent core counts, AMD offers more cache, DDR5 channels, and PCIe Gen5 lanes than competitors. Units are in production today; the company withheld pricing.

AMD launched its Genoa products for servers last year. That family succeeds the Milan CPU generation. Typically, the company qualifies server CPUs for later release into embedded, selling them opportunistically into that market without targeting specific applications. It builds the CPU cores in 5 nm technology and the I/O chiplet in 6 nm.

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