Al: Hot or Hype?

G. Dan Hutcheson
G. Dan Hutcheson
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Al: Hot or Hype? Last week, the stock market went crazy over anything associated with AI, while the rest of the market languished. Nvidia blew up the market with Jensen’s amazing results and outlook. Following it, Marvell blew out the market with results and by mentioning the term ‘AI’ 97 times in its call… which contrasts to hardly a mention a year ago. However, Marvell’s claim to ... It’s selling blue jeans next to Nvidia’s picks and shovels needed to mine the gold in AI…

While we should certainly congratulate the financial relations people who figured out the relationship between the term ‘AI’ and stock prices in an otherwise gloomy market, the real question is what’s different this time? After all, Jensen Huang and Gary Dickerson have been talking up AI driving growth in the semiconductor supply chain for years. Is this just hyped-up investors who can’t think of anywhere else to put their money? Or has demand for AI suddenly turned hot? There is reason to believe it is the latter. If it is hot, how does one articulate it to the world in a way that doesn’t sound like you’ve jumped on the hype cycle and are just riding it around in circles?

The opportunity for Nvidia has been to attack the scale issues of AI with Gary Dickerson’s PPACt strategy which brought more Performance, with less Power, in a smaller Area, with lower Cost, in a predictable time cadence. At a silicon level, AI will … The reason comes back to … Profit = f (TVOO + PPACt).

But it doesn’t stop here. The reason why Nvidia developed its first CPU, Grace (note the homage to the fabled computer scientist Grace Hopper) is to support Hopper, its GPUs. GPU’s superior ability to do … But transformer... My guess is Nvidia saw this need emerging and has tailored Grace to work with Hopper in ways …

Maxims: There are two social competitive strategies: Network and Ecosystem

No computer is ever going to ask a new, reasonable question. It takes trained people to do that. — Grace Hopper

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