AI Memory Supply Chain Is Still
Lagging Demand

Author: Louis Tran

AI Memory Supply Chain Is Still Lagging Demand

Semiconductor equipment order activity held at 87 °F last week. Memory remains the hottest segment. Advanced packaging continues gaining traction as the supply for AI is still catching up to demand.

About a year after AI became the main topic in the semiconductor landscape, the AI supply chain is still catching up to demand. Micron reported solid quarterly results last week, citing AI as the main positive driver. Their fiscal Q3 2024 revenue jumped 82% YoY while their forecast estimated another 90% YoY growth in the next quarter. Their HBM supply is now sold out for both 2024 and 2025. Besides that, datacenter SSD are selling fast as well, representing NAND's first exposure to AI demand. At this rate, Micron's revenues are set to exceed the 2022 level by the end of this year and will hit a record high in 2025.

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