Advanced TSMC 22ULL Embedded RRAM Chip Unveiled

Advanced TSMC 22ULL Embedded RRAM Chip Unveiled

Discover the advanced TSMC 22ULL embedded Resistive RAM (eRRAM) chip featured in Nordic Semiconductor's latest nRF54L SoC devices.

TSMC’s latest 22ULL embedded Resistive RAM (eRRAM) chip marks a significant advancement in memory technology. This breakthrough is featured in Nordic Semiconductor’s new nRF54L series System on Chip (SoC) devices, known for their low-power wireless IoT solutions.

This SoC utilizes TSMC’s 22ULL eRRAM platform, highlighting Nordic’s commitment to cutting-edge technology for superior IoT performance.

Advanced TSMC 22ULL Embedded RRAM Chip Unveiled

nRF54L15 - Die Corner (AME-2405-802)

TSMC introduced its 40 nm RRAM platform in 2019. The 22 nm RRAM now represents the second generation of eRRAM, integrating advanced 22 nm CMOS technology and rivaling embedded Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetic RAM (STT-MRAM). The eRRAM boasts a memory block density of 17.5 bits/µm², with a 170 nm width in the bit-line direction. The RRAM storage layers are positioned on metal 3, optimizing space and performance by utilizing resistance for data switching.

ReRAM stands out among emerging memory technologies, including STT-MRAM, Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM), and Phase-Change Memory (PCM), as a strong contender to replace embedded flash (eFlash). Key benefits include high resistance to radiation, making it ideal for harsh environments, and maintaining functionality in high electromagnetic fields. Unlike charge-based devices, ReRAM avoids leakage problems, ensuring reliability.

The TSMC 22ULL eRRAM chip signifies rapid advancements in memory technology, promising enhanced performance and reliability for next-generation IoT devices. Solutions like ReRAM are poised to play a crucial role in the future of electronics.

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