2024 Power Essentials Video Briefing 1

H1 2024 Wi-Fi/IoT Briefing

The first Power Essentials video briefing of 2024 is now available!

In this briefing, we capture market headlines from the previous months, including acquisitions and investments, major supply chain agreements, collaboration agreements, facility and capability expansions, and updates on the new and on-going patent litigations between Infineon and Innoscience, as well as EPC and Innoscience, respectively.

Updated technology roadmaps for SiC, GaN, and silicon are presented in this briefing.

Recently completed in depth analyses, on-going analysis, and exploratory analysis results for SiC, GaN, and silicon devices are summarized with commentary on notable device features and innovations, a well as comparisons to relevant devices analyzed at TechInsights.

Selected highlights of devices include:

  • Nexperia’s first SiC MOSFETs - NSF040120L3A0 1200 V 40 mΩ SiC power MOSFET
  • Infineon’s second generation CoolSiC MOSFET – IMBG120R008M2H 1200 V 7.7 mΩ trench SiC MOSFET
  • Navitas Semiconductor’s third generation GaN Power IC from the Baseus 130 W GaN5 Pro Charger – NV6245C 650 V 275 mΩ e-mode GaN HEMT/IC
  • EPC’s sixth generation eGaN Device – EPC2619 100 V 3.3 mΩ e-mode GaN HEMT
  • Texas Instruments’ new GaN FET with integrated gate driver – LMG3626 650V 270mΩ GaN FET
  • Infineon’s new OptiMOS 7 MOSFETs, including various voltage classes
  • STMicroelectronics’ enhanced trench gate automotive MOSFET – STL325N4LF8AG 40 V, 0.55 mΩ STripFET F8 N-channel enhancement-mode MOSFET
  • ROHM’s new SJ-MOSFET – R6006KND4 600 V, 720 mΩ 

Recent teardown results and notable power semiconductor design wins are also shown in this briefing.

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