2023 Automotive Semiconductor Vendor Share: STMicroelectronics Closing in on NXP and Infineon

2023 Automotive Semiconductor Vendor Share: STMicroelectronics Closing in on NXP and Infineon

Delve into the latest trends and top players in the 2023 automotive semiconductor market. Discover insights on market leaders like Infineon and NXP, alongside rising contenders like STMicroelectronics.

The automotive semiconductor landscape in 2023 showcased Infineon and NXP retaining their top positions, with Infineon widening its lead over NXP. Notably, STMicroelectronics made significant progress, securing third place and closing the gap with NXP. Renesas slipped to fifth, with Texas Instruments holding fourth place.

The market witnessed a notable revenue surge, with the top five vendors collectively commanding over 50% of the market share. Beyond the frontrunners, Onsemi, Bosch, Analog Devices, Micron, and Qualcomm emerged as key players in the top ten.


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Despite facing challenges from currency fluctuations, Renesas struggled to regain its footing. Meanwhile, STMicroelectronics capitalized on its strengths in power electronics and digitalization trends, steadily narrowing the gap with NXP. For more detailed insights into Automotive semiconductor market, our comprehensive reports offers valuable analysis.

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