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Gain an advantage over your competitors with insight into market-leading design innovation

Many leading Automotive manufacturers, Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers, Robotics companies, LiDAR manufacturers and Semiconductor companies already leverage TechInsights to inform their engineering efforts and technology strategy.

We offer our Platform Subscribers unmatched competitive technical intelligence across an expanding library of Lidar, Camera, Radar, ADAS ECU and Infotainment devices.


Get defensible and impartial data on competitor design approaches through curated, high quality teardown analysis that reveals the design strategies across a broad range of automotive devices.


Highlight key points of interest or add comments directly in the analysis through annotation capabilities, making it easy to identify content for further investigation or future reference.


Stay a step ahead with visibility into emerging trends with market impact

Track the evolution of components from competitors in the market, learn how quickly they’re innovating, and forecast their next move thanks to ongoing technical analysis delivered in the Platform.


Accelerate time to market by leveraging our capacity and capability

Let TechInsights’ expansive team of industry experts, engineering resources, and state of the art equipment deliver analysis at a scale, quality, and speed that can’t be easily duplicated. With live parts, analysis roadmaps and a Progress Tracker, you have full visibility into future content to adjust your processes, resourcing, and design plans accordingly.


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