Understand the market position of a target company or product of interest, and conduct market research quickly.

When we find a component inside a product, that component has often also been used in many other products – sometimes in unrelated markets. TechInsights’ Design Wins Library helps you understand the full scope of where a component has been used, how many design wins can be attributed to a company, and how lucrative those design wins are.

Identify potential targets to plan licensing campaigns

A subscription to our Design Wins library allows you to conduct fact-based research into target companies and products of interest.

Target company Product of interest Market Research
Identify their high-running components at a competitive level.
  • Understand their various market spaces
  • Learn how many design wins they have
  • Evaluate how lucrative those design wins are
Maximize leverage against a product.
  • Understand all components within a product
  • Evaluate component usage against patent holdings
  • Use factual data to develop your approach
Quickly conduct market research.
  • Understand the usage of a company’s products in the market
  • Evaluate their market position against yours
  • Learn more about their industry relationships

World’s largest library of product / component relationships

TechInsights has been analyzing advanced technology products for close to thirty years; we maintain data on over 50,000 ICs and 5,000 products, and we add data on thousands of new products each year.

A subscription to TechInsights’ Design Wins Library gives you the data you need. Determine the relationships between components, products, and dies through detailed genealogy charts. With TechInsights’ Design Wins Library subscription, you will always be on top of our latest technology data.

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