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Accurate, referenceable information is critical for making business decisions. TechInsights has been publishing technology analysis for over 30 years, revealing the innovation others cannot and enabling our customers to advance their intellectual property and product strategies.

With a historic archive of over 12,000 reports, and hundreds of new reports published each year, TechInsights has the world’s largest archive of reverse engineering analysis on semiconductor and consumer products.

Reports are available for individual purchase, and they are classified by type of analysis, product type, component type, and manufacturer, making it easy to find the information you need.

Intellectual Property Applications

TechInsights reports enable fact-based IP decisions in support of licensing, defense, acquisition, divestiture, and prosecution projects. Our reports are used by legal personnel, program managers, and engineers to:

  • Conduct preliminary and deeper dive technical analysis
  • Find evidence of use to create court defensible claim charts
  • Drive fact-based campaign planning and decision making
  • Discover potential infringement in components or dies of competitors
  • Find targets that will give the highest potential return on licensing
  • Obtain accurate data for planning a potential defensive strategy or assertion case
  • Make better portfolio management decisions to invest, abandon, acquire or divest

Competitive Intelligence Applications

TechInsights reports provide the level of competitive analysis you require, from product- level teardown and bill-of-materials analysis to detailed, die-level structural, process and circuit information.

Our team of subject matter experts track the consumer electronics market to find innovative & disruptive semiconductor events. Our reports are used by finance, procurement, product marketing, product managers, architects and designers to:

  • Gain an understanding of market direction and market opportunities
  • Gather information to reduce risk and shorten the design cycle of their next design
  • Benchmark against competitors and suppliers (technology, performance, features, costs)
  • Understand who is winning and where innovation is occurring

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Breadth and Depth of Technical Analysis

TechInsights analyzes and reports on advanced technology products from the product-in-packaging level, to the atomic level.

We offer several report types, which provide different depths of analysis depending on the type of event, with deep levels of analysis required to identify process and circuit innovation.

The following table provides a list of example report types categorized by the depth of analysis required. The report types listed below are only a portion of the report types we have in our library.

Level of Analysis Example Report Types Example Content
System Custom Reports

Waveform Analysis (WAR): Internal and external
Project dependent

PDF covering voltages and programming algorithms required to program, read and erase the memory/Storage device
Product and Subsystem Deep Dive Teardown (DDT)

Quick Survey Teardown (QST)

Survey Plus Teardown (SPT)
Full teardown and bill-of-materials with IC identification, die photos, system block diagrams, and costed bill of materials

BOM on major ICs only

Teardown and BOM on major ICs and RF block diagram + Costed Bill of Materials
Process Device Essentials Folder (DEF)

Advanced CMOS Essentials (ACE)

Structural Analysis Report (SAR)

Process Review Report (PPR)

Image Process Review (IPR)
One-page summary of device metrics and salient features and image folders covering teardown, package x-ray, die photos, and exploratory SEM.

Analyst’s summary of critical device metrics, TEM-EDS and salient features with image folders covering Teardown, die, SEM and TEM imaging

Descriptive commentary and analysis with detailed image annotations, data tables

Subset of a SAR (no teardown, x-ray, materials or floorplan analysis.

Image sensor focused report with product, component and die analysis, with functional and process analysis and additional analysis on the pixel array
Functional Basic Functional Analysis (BFAR)

Digital Functions Analysis (DFAR)

Architecture Report (ARC)

Transistor Characterization (TCR)
High-level teardown information (product, component, die), process, functional and cost analysis

BFAR analysis + Digital block analysis

Architectural analysis of the RF blocks of the component. Package, die and RF block analysis. Delivered using CircuitVision tool

Analysis on the DC electrical properties of the logic NMOS and PMOS transistors
Circuit Circuit Analysis (CAR)

Standard Cell Essentials (SCE)
Architecture overview, detailed schematics and major findings. Delivered using CircuitVision tool to provide hierarchical navigation from functional blocks down to gate and transistor levels

Standard libraries to understand routing efficiency, cell utilization, standard cell layout, critical features


All circuit reports include a PDF report plus our powerful CircuitVision interface. This provides a highly interactive, easy to navigate view of circuit design including the physical implementation on the integrated circuit. Hierarchical schematics are recreated in a way that mirrors developers’ design from the block down to the gate level – all linked to the original layout, showing the extracted gates and associated interconnects.

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