Power Semiconductor Subscription

Get regular, succinct analysis of emerging power process semiconductor products.

The semiconductor industry is developing new power process technologies using Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) that are smaller and more efficient, with lower losses and higher breakdown voltage.

Silicon (Si) offerings in this space are very mature, but we continue to see noteworthy innovations. This subscription-based service provides you access to our analysis on these cutting-edge products.

Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Gallium Nitride (GaN)

Silicon (Si)

Provides product insights as they enter mass production in high-volume applications

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Power Essentials


  • 10 PDF reports (30+ pages) and supporting images. The analysis covers:
    • Device metrics and salient features
    • Package x-rays and die photos
    • SEM plan-view images and cross-sectional SEM images
    • Cross-sectional TEM images and material analysis
  • Trend Analysis – 3 briefings / year
  • 1 patent landscape summary / year
  • 1 analyst workshop / year
  • Real Time Update:
    Access to project work in progress (PEF report, analyst briefing, etc.) before it is published. Access to all exploratory work (30 devices a year)

Available Custom Services


  • Product Teardown:
    Power electronics product teardown with detailed analysis
  • Power Process Flow:
    Scope of work addressed on a case-by-case basis; discuss custom options with us
  • Package Analysis:
    Detailed package analysis, cross-sectional package analysis, SEM imaging, SEM-EDS materials analysis
  • Electrical Characterization:
    Transfer characteristics (IDVG), Output characteristics (IDVD), RDSON, Breakdown voltage
  • Selective Area Electron Diffraction:
    TEM-based SAED of the GaN-based epitaxial layers