Apple iPhone 5s Teardown

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    On September 10, 2013, Apple announced two new iPhones, the 5s and 5c. Since the announcement, we at TechInsights have been anxiously waiting for the opportunity to get our hands on the devices. Well that moment has finally arrived. Both iPhones are currently in house and the teardowns have begun. Stay tuned for teardown sequence photos, component identification and design wins, as well as estimated bill of materials.



    • Apple A7 processor / Elpida LPDDR3 (1 GB)
    • NXP LPC18A1 “M7” Coprocessor
    • Qualcomm MDM9615M Modem




    • Hynix 64 GB NAND Flash, Package Mark: H2JTFG8YD2MBR, 8 stacked NAND Flash, Die Mark: H27QCG8T2B
    • Apple Logo, Package Mark: 338S1216-A2, Die Mark: Dialog D2045
    • Murata Combo Radio MCM, Package Mark: 339S0205, Die Mark:Broadcom BCM43342
    • Apple Logo, Package Marking 338S11201, Cirrus Logic, Die Mark: CLI1G009A1


    Apple iPhone BOM Estimate

    Apple iPhone 5c BOM Estimate  

    The A7 Processor


    A7 - Die Mark   A7 - Die Photo  


    DRAM Design Win - Elpida LPDDR3

    Although Elpida’s published part decoder doesn’t include LPDDR3 devices, the ‘F’ prefix should indicate the product family as LPDDR3 (a ‘B’ would indicate LPDDR2). The remainder of the number confirms the use of 4 Gb chips - with two chips in the memory package.


    Elpida LPDDR3 - Die Mark   Elpida LPDDR3 - Die Photo  


    Flash Design Win – Hynix 64 GB E2NAND 3.0

    The NAND flash memory on the iPhone 5s is manufactured by SK Hynix (package marking H2JTFG8YD2MBR) , conforming to their E2NAND3.0 standard. E2NAND3.0 uses advanced ECC, buffering and processing to improve performance and reliability. The flash controller iscentered on the 8-die flash stack in order to maintain timing symmetry. Die centering requires mounting the controller under the flash stack in order to maintain workable wirebond lengths. The NAND flash is manufactured in Hynix’s 21 nm process, which they designate “2ynm class”.


    Hynix 64 GB E2NAND 3.0 - Package Photo   Hynix 64 GB E2NAND 3.0 - Die Mark   Hynix 64 GB E2NAND 3.0 - X-Ray Photo  


    Combo Radio Design Win - Broadcom BCM4334

    It appears that Broadcom has done a re-spin of the layout of their BCM4334. Here are the two versions for comparison.


    Broadcom BCM4334   Broadcom BCM4334  
    Broadcom BCM4334 - Die Mark   Broadcom BCM4334 - Die Mark