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    Complementary to our process, circuit and teardown analyses is a full systems & software IP services and test capability. Clients rely on our team of systems & software engineers to provide expertise in support of all phases of IP programs. As well as IP landscaping, strategic planning and patent support, we offer a full suite of systems and software analysis services for evidence of use, freedom to operate and competitive intelligence purposes.

    Reverse engineering is a legitimate practice for both leveraging IP and competitive intelligence. In the case of litigation, use of a third party RE service can provide thorough and impartial analysis. This can be especially important for in software IP cases where enough information can be provided for claims support whilst maintaining security of software copyright.

    Our extensive systems IP knowledge and systems analysis expertise, combined with a robust methodology enable TechInsights to develop analysis plans to address the patent support requirements of today’s complex systems. Each assignment is unique and we have experience in a broad range of systems -from wireless to transportation to medical devices.

    Typical phases of a systems analysis program:

    Systems and Software

    Systems & Software Analysis Capabilities

    Wireless Analysis:

    • Cellular Protocol: wireless codecs, power control, base station-cell phone messaging, hand-off testing
    • Parametric Measurement: spectral, power, S parameter, crosstalk, antenna polarisation
    • Supported Standards: 802.11, Bluetooth, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, NFC

    Hardware Electrical Testing:

    • Precision electrical probing of high speed signals
      • Interfaces
      • PCB including display panels, image sensors, SSDs
      • On-die including transistor characteristics
    • Generate & detect: USB, HDMI, PCI-X, MOST, Firewire
    • Monitor & Decode CPU-Memory interfaces: I^2C, DDRx

    Software Analysis:

    • Source code analysis:
      • Firmware extraction
      • Binary code inspection
      • Software reverse assembly (ARM, MIPS, x86)
      • Software reverse compile (ARM, x86)
    • Dynamic Analysis:
      • Custom test software development
      • Code trace and debugging:
        • Application level (Java, C)
        • OS level (iOS/OSx, Android/Linux, Windows/Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Java)
    • Functional Testing:
      • Graphical user interface including gesture analysis
      • Client-server interactions such as transaction analysis, sniffing interfaces at IP layer

    Areas of Expertise:


    • 802.11
    • Bluetooth
    • Cellular (3GPP, UMTS, LTE)
    • NFC


    • Enterprise (IBM WebSphere, Microsoft Back Office Products, Oracle, SAP, Red Hat...)
    • Mobile (Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Microsoft)
    • PC (Windows, Linux, OSx)
    • Social Media
    • Cloud based services
    • Gaming


    • VoIP
    • Video signal processing (MPEG)
    • Voice signal processing
    • Turbo code