• In much the same way that a product lifecycle starts with concepts, market analysis and needs assessment, an IP lifecycle begins with technology and market assessments leading to an informed innovation strategy.  This first phase of the IP lifecycle overlaps with product development processes and investment decision making. Consequently, the technology and market assessment products and services that TechInsights offers support a number of business critical activities.

    Gaining a deeper understanding of the design choices, manufacturing techniques and costs, features and capabilities in a competitor’s products, as well as the resulting impact in the marketplace, helps business leaders across functions make more informed decisions.  IP leaders can more effectively set a direction for new patent development or patent acquisition.  Product managers can compare a product to the competition to help direct investment in product development, R&D, factories, projects and staff. Purchasing groups within an OEM can better understand the real cost and reliability of the parts they are sourcing and benefit from the negotiating leverage that this provides.  Investors appreciate the market insight and due diligence that results from a quantified, technology-based analysis.

    TechInsights provides a detailed analysis of electronic systems and components to help companies focus on new or innovative areas for intellectual property development and for competitive intelligence investigations. In addition, TechInsights provides an assessment of the market in a technology area or product segment to support important business decisions. Our proprietary analysis techniques and tools, deep domain expertise in multiple technologies and broad knowledge of the associated markets makes coming to TechInsights one of your best decisions.

    Technical Intelligence

    TechInsights has developed proprietary techniques to ensure accurate, cost-effective Reverse Engineering (RE) and analysis of integrated circuits and electronic systems, including embedded software and firmware.  These core-competencies deliver insights on technical innovations and competitive differentiation in circuit design and layout, device or system functionality, device structure and fabrication process, and package design. Early technical intelligence also helps to jump start internal innovation leading to faster time-to-market.

    Our comprehensive analysis includes:

    • Product teardowns, identification of devices and analysis
    • System level black box testing
    • Inter-chip communications testing
    • IC package evaluation
    • Integrated circuit and board level circuit reverse engineering
    • Software reverse engineering
    • Integrated circuit structural analysis
    • Materials analysis
    • Benchmarking

    Our reputation has been built on electronic modules and integrated circuits with a particular specialty in portable devices and consumer electronics.  However, we also perform extensive analyses of automotive systems, medical devices, industrial systems and ‘white box’ appliances.

    Technology Intelligence Report

    Becoming aware of the technical innovations, costs and comparisons of technologies across a wide set of companies is an excellent way to stay ahead in your industry. TechInsights tracks many technical innovations such as the latest process nodes and newest design innovations.  Our Technical Intelligence services compare technologies across companies. We provide both custom and standard “open market” analysis reports to meet your needs.

    Business Intelligence

    TechInsights’ inside knowledge of technology, markets and IP allows a company to gain an inside edge on their competitors. As well, our analysis reports can be a great starting point for critical investment decisions on a particular company or technology area.

    Competitive Landscape

    TechInsights Competitive Landscape provides an in-depth analysis of a company. The study includes an analysis of Organization, Technology, Products, Manufacturing, Marketing, Financials and their strategic alliances.

    Technology Patent Landscape

    TechInsights Technology Patent Landscape is an in-depth extraction and study of the patents of all the companies within a technology market. It is often best to select a narrow technology area in order to gain the best insight into the companies and technologies being creating. For example Phase Change Memory and OLED are two recent examples of Technology Landscapes.

    Market Assessment

    A customized study of the market for a particular technology area or a larger business segment can be provided.  Hard to acquire data is compiled from multiple sources and summarized into a report that facilities major business case decisions such as investment in a technology area.

    Market size and market share can often be substantiated by custom database extractions from the large body of technical intelligence work that TechInsights has amassed.

    Database Extracts

    TechInsights extensive technology library of raw data is available for a client’s own specialized inquiries. For example, producing a list of all the integrated circuits from a particular chip vendor and obtaining a reference to what system(s) they were found in is a typical request from our clients.

    Vendor Knowledge

    Our cost analysis service, Vendor Knowledge, enables an OEM to understand the real cost and reliability of an integrated circuit (IC). This program assists OEM’s in selecting and evaluating vendors and provides negotiation leverage.

    Vendor Knowledge provides the “inside” information on purchased components, informing buying decisions and enabling supplier negotiations from a position of strength. By understanding the underlying costs, an OEM can often negotiate better long term pricing. A company reduces long term support issues by understanding the overall reliability of a particular integrated circuit used within a product. Potential reliability issues are flagged before an OEM goes into high volume production.



TechInsights originated in 1989 as Semiconductor Insights. Now, 25+ years later, we are headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with state of the art labs, an expansive research portfolio and over 180 employees worldwide.