• After establishing an IP position the last two phases of our IP Lifecycle are all about leveraging it for maximum return. 

    An effective IP program should allow an organization to protect key markets and products by utilizing patent assets to address competitive threats and by minimizing the potential of third party patent assertion.  In defending a business, speed of action is essential.  This requires the organization to be prepared for a variety of situations and have the resources in place to respond or to proactively avoid damaging situations.  An ounce of preparation is worth two of cure.

    TechInsights supports clients in preparing their defenses and to execute on specific actions.  TechInsights structures and assesses clients’ patent portfolios so that key patents can be easily identified to provide leverage in a particular matter.  The extensive library of reverse engineering at the disposal of TechInsights is an invaluable resource for prior art material.

    Patent Assertion

    TechInsights provides technical support and intelligence for clients asserting their patent rights to defend a product or to counter a third party assertion by identifying patents for leverage, mapping the patents to specific products, and identifying evidence of use through techniques such as reverse engineering, functional testing, and software analysis.  TechInsights has a blend of technical, IP, and business professionals supported by an unrivalled library of reverse engineering analysis. This mix of skills and resources can vastly improve your position in licensing negotiations or patent litigation.

    Prior Art Assessment

    To invalidate third party patents or strengthen your own applications, TechInsights engineers perform an investigation of the art related to a patent or invention starting with publically available literature and patent databases enhanced by our proprietary inventory of over 26,000 devices, 6,000 reports and technical literature (e.g. data books, conference publications) dating back to the mid-1970’s.

    • More specifically: Devices from TechInsights’ inventory include ICs ranging from DRAM and Flash memory to Analog (ex. ADCs/DACs, Power MOSFETs, RF) to microprocessors and ASICs, as well as consumer products including cell phones, Set-top boxes, DVD recorders and TV’s.  Intact samples are available for much of our inventory, which allow custom reverse engineering support for related art analysis
    • TechInsights’ technical library includes over 6,000 reverse engineering open market reports; data books and conference publications (e.g. IEEE, ISSCC, etc.) dating back to the 1970’s; and database access to numerous external channels. In addition, TechInsights has customized search tools that enable more efficient access to pertinent internal and external database information.

    Non-Infringement Analysis

    Typically companies will use their own technical staff as part of the analysis of third party patents asserted against their products. However, this isn’t always possible if the engineers are needed to hit a design window, if those with relevant knowledge have left the company, or if an independent assessment is needed.  TechInsights has a large team of engineering talent trained to understand patents and perform extensive work comparing the details of a particular product to patent claims.


TechInsights originated in 1989 as Semiconductor Insights. Now, 25+ years later, we are headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with state of the art labs, an expansive research portfolio and over 180 employees worldwide.