• Building and maintaining an intellectual property portfolio requires extensive investment of time and money.  Most successful businesses demand a substantial return from investments of this magnitude.  Monetizing patents through assertive licensing or patent sales is one of the best options available for leveraging IP and generating such a return. IP monetization is the last phase of our IP Lifecycle which, in turn, provides the revenue to fund new IP and begin the cycle again.

    The challenge is to implement an efficient, successful and cost-effective intellectual property assertion and patent sales program. TechInsights as the largest technology-based IP professional services company, is uniquely positioned to address the challenges of IP sales and licensing.

    Patent Assertion

    TechInsights provides technical support and intelligence for clients asserting their patent rights to generate licensing revenue by identifying patents for assertion, mapping the patents to prospective companies and products, and identifying evidence of use through techniques such as reverse engineering, functional testing, and software analysis.

    Imperative to a successful IP licensing program are identifying potential licensees, demonstrating the value of the IP by gathering strong technical evidence and developing a convincing business case for the licensee.  TechInsights has a blend of technical, IP, and business professionals supported by an unrivalled library of reverse engineering analysis. This mix of skills and resources can vastly improve your position in licensing negotiations or patent litigation.

    Patent Sales

    Making sure the patents in your portfolio are relevant and strategic is good business practice and part of establishing an IP position, but knowing exactly which to keep and which to sell can be a challenge.

    A patent may hold little value to your organization but could be viewed as a strategic acquisition by someone else. In order to derive maximum return for your IP you need to determine a patent’s true value to both your company and to prospective buyers. Technical evaluation validates and reinforces the link between the invention and the market. Such evaluation includes an analysis of the technology, claims construction, and market, as well as a prior art search. Once these are known, better qualified buyers can be identified.

    TechInsights is uniquely equipped to address the challenges of selling IP. Our in-depth technical knowledge of patents and technology, along with our international network of corporate and legal contacts ensures successful patent sales transactions. TechInsights provides independent opinions on the utility of a seller’s patents, develops a professional marketing package, and provides evidence of use that clearly demonstrates the value of the portfolio to prospective buyers. Access to TechInsights’ contact network elevates your exposure to qualified, prospective buyers encouraging a bidding process to ensure that the best price for the portfolio is achieved.


TechInsights originated in 1989 as Semiconductor Insights. Now, 25+ years later, we are headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with state of the art labs, an expansive research portfolio and over 180 employees worldwide.