• Once a focus market or technology area for IP  is chosen and an IP strategy defined, it is vital to establish a strong IP portfolio.  A strong IP position enables the patent strategy, allowing the organization to achieve its desired outcomes. Establishing such a position requires the appropriate breadth and quality of IP through the selection of the right inventions, patent drafting and prosecution tactics that support the desired end use of the assets, and acquisition of third party patents to complement the internal portfolio.

    Establishing an IP position is the central phase of TechInsights IP Lifecycle Model and is the core requirement for success in leveraging and monetizing IP. TechInsights ensures that key areas of your patent portfolio will have the requisite strength, including the ability for tactical counter-assertion. We help you to focus on protecting products/markets of strategic business importance and build IP assets that will reinforce and resupply existing licensing programs.

    Examples of services specifically oriented around developing intellectual property are:

    Patent Quality Assessment and Improvement

    TechInsights acts as an independent team (separate from the inventor or lead patent attorney) to critique patent applications and issued patents in areas that are of strategic importance to your business. The analysis is aimed at improving the strength of individual patents for the purpose of assertion. This includes commentary on both claim structure and supporting disclosure from a technical/engineering perspective. TechInsights analysts may suggest changes to claim language that make the use of the claimed invention detectable in an end product; highlight industry trends relevant to the invention that should be addressed in the patent; or identify relevant art that should be addressed to strengthen the validity position. Patent review and improvement services are structured as an ongoing-program that examines key applications on a regular (monthly/quarterly) basis. These quality improvements can be integrated into an organization's patenting system through training of key staff and changes to the patenting process.

    Patent Acquisition

    Since patent filings can take two to five years to issue, many companies decide to purchase quality third-party patents to quickly establish a strategic IP position.

    TechInsights can indentify, evaluate, and facilitate the purchase of patents to meet a specific client need, with the advantage of anonymity and leverage of our extensive network of contacts. TechInsights can proactively search for patents of interest, approach the owners and negotiate a purchase of the patent assets on your behalf.


TechInsights originated in 1989 as Semiconductor Insights. Now, 25+ years later, we are headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with state of the art labs, an expansive research portfolio and over 180 employees worldwide.