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  • Report  |  Key: PKG-0407-001  |  ID: PKG-0407-001  |   Published: 30 July 2004
    This package analysis contains: package photos; package x-ray; die photograph die markings; optical and FESEM microphotographs of major package features; measurements of vertical and horizontal dimensions of major package features ~ (Similar Results)
  • Report  |  Key: PKG-0602-801  |  ID: PKG-0602-801  |   Published: 24 February 2006
    Get the facts on Intels’ new packaging process with this Chipworks Package Analysis Report. Customers will gain valuable insight into the packaging technologies used by Intel in the industry leading low power Yonah mobile processor and the Presler desktop processor. ~ (Similar Results)
  • Report  |  Key: PKG-0603-201  |  ID: PKG-0603-201  |   Published: 22 March 2006
    This report is a package analysis of the Agere TMXL846221BL21 Ultramapper™ Lite 622/155 Mbit/s SONET/SDH x DS3/E3/DS2/DS1/E1 system chip. This device is packaged in a ball grid array (BGA) and the die is wire bonded to a printed wiring board (PWB) having four levels of interconnect. ~ (Similar Results)
  • Report  |  Key: PKG-0611-901  |  ID: PKG-0611-901  |   Published: 6 November 2006
    Sony is a leader in graphics processing. This device, being designed for a handheld unit must balance high-speed rendering with the small form factor. Learn how Sony has designed the package for this device to meet these challenges. ~ (Similar Results)
  • Report  |  Key: PKG-0709-901  |  ID: PKG-0709-901  |   Published: 21 September 2007
    The AMD Barcelona die uses AMD’s 65 nm SOI process. Designed to be shipped in high yields and to operate under high relative temperatures, AMD packaging must be suitably designed for low cost and high... ~ (Similar Results)
  • Report  |  Key: PKG-0710-901  |  ID: PKG-0710-901  |   Published: 9 October 2007
    IBM is a leader in packaging for both its own devices and as a packaging service. IBM is in partnership with other common platform partners to develop packaging solutions for advanced wafer technologies.... ~ (Similar Results)
  • Report  |  Key: PKG-0711-201  |  ID: PKG-0711-201  |   Published: 30 November 2007
    The AuthenTec AES1610 is a fingerprint scanning device designed for laptop and PC applications. It uses RF technology to read the fingerprint. This technolgoy choice results in a device with a very small... ~ (Similar Results)
  • Report  |  Key: PKG-0711-202  |  ID: PKG-0711-202  |   Published: 30 November 2007
    The AuthenTec AES1710 is a fingerprint scanning device designed for cell phones and other mobile applications. It uses RF technology to read the fingerprint. This technolgoy choice results in a device... ~ (Similar Results)
  • Report  |  Key: PKG-0811-901  |  ID: PKG-0811-901  |   Published: 26 January 2009
    The packaging technology for Intel's 45 nanometer (nm) high-k metal gate family of processors uses a copper column "bump"and a tin/silver/copper solder alloy shown here to replace the previously used lead/tin... ~ (Similar Results)
  • Report  |  Key: PKG-0811-902  |  ID: PKG-0811-902  |   Published: 20 November 2008
    The packaging for the IBM Power 6 processor is a significant departure from the green sheet technology that was revealed in the analysis of the previous generation IBM POWER5 package which used a multi-layer... ~ (Similar Results)
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