• The following whitepapers are available for download from TechInsights:
  • TechInsights Teardown Tablet Baseline PDF

    Baseline Teardown of AigoPad E700 Tablet

    Managing Patented Innovations PDF

    Managing Patented Innovations

    TechInsights IC Review PDF

    TechInsights IC Review

    WLAN Transceiver Whitepaper PDF

    The Wi-Fi industry has exploded this decade, with numerous manufacturers taking advantage of the need and demand for transceivers for this market. To get an understanding of where the market was in 2002 and what type of information is found in our comprehensive landscapes, please take a look at our 2002 report WLAN TRANSCEIVERS - A Technology Review and Comparison of Five Manufacturers

    Adopting an IP Lifecycle Process to Manage and Protect the Changing Value of Intellectual Property PDF

    In today’s competitive marketplace, intellectual property (IP) assets have become more critical and strategic than ever before. This paper shows how firms serious about their IP must adopt solid, well-defined, and enforceable processes for maximizing the return on their IP investment. The paper concludes with an examination of TechInsights’ holistic approach to IP lifecycle management, which is ideally suited for managing your organization’s IP portfolio by addressing issues proactively, validating quality, monetizing IP assets to deliver a return on investment, and protecting the business against market share erosion, third-party patent assertion, and other threats.

    The Use of Intellectual Property as a Proxy for Research and Development PDF

    Patents provide a unique source of information about the activities surrounding innovation in a given technology area. This whitepaper discusses how to leverage patenting information as business and technology decision making tool. The whitepaper concludes with a case study of the patenting activities in the Photovoltaic market..

    Creating Business Value Through Patent Knowledge Management  PDF

    Most businesses understand the value of protecting their intellectual property, either by patents, trademarks or copyright. Patents offer excellent protection and can help a business either create a sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors by excluding them from practicing key technologies or generate incremental revenue through patent licensing and / or sale.

    Expand your analytic capabilities with Functional Testing  PDF

    The functionality of features of modern electronic devices is often implemented in software, hardware, or some combination of the two. As application specific IC's have become more complicated and harder to analyze, TechInsights developed a series of functional testing techniques to over come the limitations of traditional reverse engineering. In this whitepaper we examine seven unique situations where functional testing was implemented.

    Outsource Licensing Success Stories PDF

    Hidden treasures in the form of golden patents exist and are more common than you might think. Finding them however, can be a difficult task. This paper outlines the steps used to initiate and execute an assertive licensing program.

    Patent Perspective Phase Change Memory PDF

    The concept of Phase-Change Memory (PCM, PRAM or PCRAM) has been around since 1970 when Dr. Iris Ovshinsky founded Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) and announced its first prototype, a 256-bit memory. Almost forty years later, who are the players that are still investing their R&D dollars into Phase-Change Memory? Who has established the best IP position? What are the key patents that this industry will hinge on?

    TechInsights Apanda A60 Baseline Teardown Report PDF

    Apanda A60 is one of the first custom-designed phones released by this domestic Chinese manufacturer. Targeted at the higher-end market segment, this Android-based device is priced aggressively and was made available through China Unicom. The ambitious Apanda has set their sights on larger smart phone competitors in not just China, but all over the world.

    TechInsights IP and the Medical Devices Sector PDF

    There is an epidemic raging in the industrialized world that is driving explosive growth in a multi b-i llion d-o llar s eg ment of the consumerelectronics market. This epidemic is poor health,caused by a sedentary lifestyle, over-consumption ofconvenience foods, and an aging baby boomergeneration. As a consequence, there is a growingdemand for consumer -g rade medical devices –gadgets that enable the average person to monitortheir own health and manage conditions such asdiabetes and hypertension.

    Protecting System and Software Patent Rights PDF

    Almost every piece of modern technology, from cell phones and cameras to the automobile, now contains a microprocessor(s) and attendant software. Increasing amounts of functionality and value are now contained in the software portion of the system rather than in the hardware. As the investments and value of this software portion increase, so too does the need to protect this IP against infringement. Read this whitepaper to learn about the various systems and software methodologies currently being used by TechInsights.