Sample Reports

  • Custom Analysis

    TechInsights works with clients to address both their Intellectual Property and Technical requirements; whether it be helping clients monetize their patent portfolios, defend a patent position, protect market share, or provide competitive intelligence on competing products.  Through our work, we deliver a variety of custom analyses that address your unique needs.

    Below is a sample of some of our custom analyses:

    • Circuit and Design Analysis
    • Custom Structural Analysis
    • Functional Testing
    • Reliability Analysis
    • Technology Landscape
    • Due Diligence
    • Patent Review
    • Prior Art Search
    • Database Extracts (e.g. Where-used reports from teardown results)

    To receive a sample of one of our custom analysis, please contact us at

    Advanced Technical Reports

    TechInsights has a number of standard reports available to help you address your own specific needs.  These reports have standardized content but a variety of options are available.  Our advanced technical reports range in price from $8,500 - $26,000 (see notes on pricing, below). Samples of our advanced technical reports include:

    Detailed Structural Analysis – Memory Devices - provides comprehensive analysis of the process technology, design rules, and memory cell configuration used to manufacture a particular memory IC.

    Detailed Structural Analysis – Logic Devices - provides comprehensive analysis of the process technology and design rules used for standard cell logic and embedded memory of a particular ASIC, microcontroller or processor.

    Transistor Characteristics –  provides an analysis of the electrical properties of the standard logic CMOS device transistors (two NMOS and PMOS transistors) including plotted transfer and output characteristics and tabulated measurements of key performance benchmarks at –20°C, room temperature and 80°C.

    TechInsights' detailed teardowns examine the latest personal electronics and provide unique construction, benchmarking, and cost data in a highly-digestible and graphics-rich format. Our teardowns provide a multi-disciplinary "system view" of the products leading in form-factor, technology, feature, and price-point innovation. Teardowns range in price from $1,250 - $7,000 (see pricing notes below); View samples.

    The cost of a particular report can vary substantially based on the complexity of the device or system-level product being analyzed and the scope of the work entailed in a particular custom analysis.  Examples of device complexity include process node (or feature size), number of layers in the process, the process technology, die size, and area of circuit extraction. Some key drivers of product complexity as it impacts the level of effort required to perform a product teardown analysis are the number of ICs in the product, the number of sub-assemblies, the number of substrates, and the extent of the complement of mechanical parts.

    TechInsights has a number of purchasing options to suit the customer’s needs: individual reports, report bundles, and channel licensing, to name a few.  Popular reports that are expected to sell in higher volume often will have special pricing as well.  Please contact your regional sales representative  for further information.