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Published: 13 February 2017

Product Type SSD
Brand Intel
Device Name SSD 600p
Device Model # SSDPEKKW512G7
Official Release Date 8/15/2016
Target Market Worldwide
Retail Price $189.99
Weight (grams) 6.3 Measured
Device Dimensions (mm) 80 x 22 x 2 (Measured at Longest/Widest/Thickest Points)
Product Features
Controller Spec Silicon Motion Inc (SMI) PCIe Gen 3 x 4 SSD Controller
Storage 576 GB 3D TLC NAND Flash Memory (Intel); User-Accessible: 512 GB
Volatile Memory DDR3 SDRAM Memory - 512 MB (Nanya)
Flash Memory Intel: 576 GB 3D TLC NAND Flash Memory (192 GB x3)
Sequential Read/Write 1,775 MB/s (max.) & 560 MB/s (max.)
Interface PCIe M.2

Product Teardown Report Description

A Deep Dive report is a detailed product disassembly analysis that examines the latest personal electronics and provides unique construction, benchmarking, and cost data in a highly-digestible and graphics-rich format. The products are torn down using proprietary methods developed at TechInsights to provide a disassembly report with a multi-disciplinary "system view."

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