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  • Report  |  0814-36521-O-6CV-100  |   Published: 30 September 2014
    This CircuitVision report provides a set of hierarchical schematics for the Broadcom BCM59039 Power Management IC's. The circuit block extracted and analyzed for the report includes the buck converter...
  • Report  |  0914-37683-O-4ML1-100  |   Published: 9 September 2014
    This report provides a brief technical snapshot of the Peregrine Semiconductor PE42420 RF Switch. The report contains high resolution optical images of the package top and bottom, an x-ray image of the...
  • Report  |  0714-37328-O-5DL-100  |   Published: 29 August 2014
    The MDM9235 is a 4th generation Qualcomm® Gobi 9x35 series modem and is Qualcomm’s first modem (TORINO) fabricated using a 20 nm planar CMOS process. The MDM9235 is paired with the Qualcomm Snapdragon...