Tablets - The Future of Mobile Computing

  • Tablets - The Futures of Mobile Computing
  • On January 27th, 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the the Apple iPad and it would change the history of tablets and, consequently, the consumer electronics industry. With its thin design and its ability to let users read e-books, browse the web, watch movies, and play games, this all-in-one device, officially set the standard from which not only all tablets, but all mobile computing products, would be measured against.

    The initial success of the Apple iPad forced competitors to enter this new market. Most tablets were launched with little of the fanfare that Apple received and few achieved close to the same success. Competitors soon understood that to make gains in this burgeoning industry, innovation was required. Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which incorporated the Google Android OS platform and many features not found in the iPad which helped establish themselves as a competitor.

    By the end of 2010, almost 20 million tablets were sold worldwide and many analysts predict that figure to almost triple in 2011 as the “Tablet Wars” begin and numerous electronics manufacturers introduce their tablet offerings. The coming year will see new offerings from such industry giants such as Apple, RIM, Cisco and Motorola. The battle for this new market will lead to numerous technical advancements, as each manufacturer will try to top each other to get the attention of consumers.

    TechInsights Launches Product Teardowns for Tablets

    The tablet industry is fast-growing and requires market intelligence so OEMs, semiconductor manufacturers, IP professionals and industry analysts worldwide can develop a strong understanding of the design decisions and choices made to address this exponentially increasing market.

    TechInsights is doing their part to arm you with knowledge in the tablet wars by introducing a series of tablet teardowns that will encompass this product landscape. Covering all the major processor and operating system platforms of 2011, our teardowns will include recognized key vendors as well as emerging new vendors from regions such as China and Europe.

    With this new offering from TechInsights, those with vested interests in the tablet industry will be able to understand, and address, the competitive challenges of this fast-growing market. Our tablet teardowns will join our respected database of analyses that cover the full spectrum of the consumer electronics and semiconductor industry.

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  • TechInsights Launches Product Teardowns for Tablets

    New Service Provides Expert Analysis of the Technologies Driving the Soaring Tablet Market

    TechInsights today announced the launch of a new line of expert teardown reports on tablets. These reports will contain in-depth analysis of the different design and development techniques being implemented by tablet vendors, providing valuable intelligence to OEMs, semiconductor manufacturers, IP professionals and industry analysts worldwide.
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    TechInsights’ expert teardown reports reveal IC content and design wins, system architecture, as well as system and sub-assembly metrics for a growing list of tablet products. Customers can purchase individual reports or a one-year license to continually access new content and resources on-line, including:

    • 2 existing teardown reports (Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab)
    • 18 new teardown reports planned for 2011
    • "IC Locator" tool to identify specific ICs found in analyzed tablets and smartphones
    • "Feature-Set Search" tool to compare common features across analyzed devices
    • Bill of materials (BOM) and manufacturing cost estimates for selected products