• We were very excited when we found out that we were receiving the Samsung Galaxy Tab before its North American release date of November 1st, 2010. We wasted no time in turning the unit on and realizing that the Super TFT screen that was revealed when it was announced was as vivid as promised. High definition video never looked so good! After a few more minutes of staff members taking turns playing with the device, we had to move onto the next step and take the Galaxy Tab apart.

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    The first thing we noticed was the re-use of the Hummingbird processor first seen in the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. The 1 GHz S5PC110, that features the same ARM A8 core as seen in the Apple A4, was most likely chosen for ease of implementation and to reduce costs of processor component by introducing it across various product platforms. With the use of the Hummingbird, Samsung seems to be replicating the business model of Apple – using their own processor as the cornerstone of their design to reduce costs in the product’s development. Expect to see the S5PC110 in numerous Samsung devices going forward.

    The comparisons between the Samsung Galaxy S and the Tab don’t just end with the Hummingbird processor! Samsung continues to promote its own products with the use of the KB100D00YM memory Package-on-Package (PoP). This PoP has 8Gb of MLC Flex OneNAND, 1 Gb of OneDRAM and 3Gb of Mobile DDR. The Galaxy Tab also shares with it’s smaller “cousin” the Vibrant the same RF Transceiver (Infineon’s PMB5703) and audio codec (Wolfson Micro’s WM8994E).

    Broadcom managed to continue getting impressive design wins as they were able to carry over from the Galaxy S handset to the Tab the use of their BCM4329 Bluetooth/FM/WLAN single-chip and their BCM4751 GPS receiver. Triquint Semiconductor also carried over from the Samsung Galaxy S to the Tab their TQM6M9014 switch with their TQM626028L and TQM666022 duplexers.

    Other notable components included the use of the same 3-D digital gyroscope that was found in the Apple iPad, STMicroelectronics L3G4200D (making this the first tablet to use a gyro) and Atmel’s MXT224 touchscreen controller that was found in the Samsung Wave.

    SanDisk also provides flash memory in the form of a memory package that features 16 GB of MLC NAND Flash (dies from Toshiba) and SanDisk memory controller.

    Using the expertise that can only be provided by TechInsights, all the information you need – from what exactly is in the Galaxy Tab to the technology that comprises each individual component – can be made available to you using the resources of our combined analytical capabilities and our expansive database of information.

  • Take a look inside for all of the major components. For board images, look on the sidebar.

  • Samsung S5PC110 Hummingbird Processor

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Part 1

    Samsung's 1GHz ARM CORTEX-A8 based application processor finds itself in use in the Samsung Galaxy Tab after also being in use in the Samsung Wave and the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. The S5PC110 was chosen not only to aid in Samsung’s goal to be the leader in apps processors but also because it optimizes the battery life for tablet.

    Manufactured using a 45-nanometer (nm) Low Power fabrication process , each of these application processors comes with 32KB data and 32KB instruction caches, and is equipped with a 512KB L2 cache.

    Within this Galaxy S phone, the S5PC110A01 was found on a package-on-package that partnered it with Samsung’s OneNAND and other Samsung memory technologies. Find out everything you can about the S5PC110 through our Functional Layout Report you can order here.

  • Broadcom BCM4329 single-chip

    Apple TV teardown part 2

    With the Broadcom BCM4329 low-power 802.11n w/ Bluetooth single chip being found in the newest Apple TV device, it becomes fairly obvious that Broadcom is the go-to company for Apple for wireless connectivity. This chip has found itself not only in Apple products like the new Apple iPod Touch and the latest iPhone, but also in other products like the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. It’s a banner year for Broadcom.

  • STMicro L3G4200D 3-D Digital Gyroscope

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Part 3

    This innovative MEMS device from ST Microelectronics made its first appearance in the consumer electronics market with its introduction within the Apple iPhone 4. Samsung has decided to be the first company to utilize this 3-D digital gyroscope in a tablet, opening up a world of opportunities for Android application designers to create new and exciting software taking advantage of full 3-D movement.

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