• TechInsights not only has the most detailed product teardowns in the industry, but also the most comprehensive library of completed analysis available anywhere.  The Samsung Galaxy S teardown will join the thousands of reports already in our database.

    When we took apart the Samsung Galaxy S, we were able to discover not only some key design wins for recognizable semiconductor companies but also similarities in these design wins with products like the Apple iPhone 4 and their just-released Samsung Wave. 

    Like the Samsung Wave, the GT-I9000 also uses the 1.2 Ghz Hummingbird processor (part number S5PC110A01) to act as the ‘brain’ of the device.  This important find reveals Samsung’s commitment to remain the #1 applications processor manufacturer in the world.  What easier way to stay at the top then to use your own processor in a smartphone that should hopefully sell millions, right?  As shown before, the Hummingbird features the same ARM core as the Apple iPhone 4’s A4 processor.

    Using the expertise that can only be provided by TechInsights, all the information you need – from what exactly is in the Wave to the technology that comprises each individual component – can be made available to you using the resources of our combined analytical capabilities and our expansive database of information.


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