• TechInsights not only has the most detailed product teardowns in the industry, but also the most comprehensive library of completed analysis available anywhere.  The RIM Blackberry Torch teardown will join the thousands of reports already in our database.  The full teardown of the Blackberry Torch will be available on September 23rd and if you’re a smartphone designer or interested in the design selections and methodologies of RIM’s latest handset, this report will be for you.


    We were able to get our hands on the Blackberry Torch and we took it apart instantly to see what was inside the latest product offering from RIM. What we found were not only some key design wins from some recognizable semiconductor companies but also similarities in these design wins with their previous releases. 

    Unlike previous releases from RIM, we were surprised to see the use of the Marvell PXA940 as the mobile applications processor of the device.  In their previous two releases, the Blackberry Tour and Bold 2, Qualcomm’s MSM7600 was chosen. This important find reveals a change in design methodology from RIM, choosing this particular 624 MHz processor to meet the demands of their new operating system.  

    The main board of the Torch reveals other design wins from the usual suspects.  Infineon continues its visibility in high-selling smartphones with their PMB 5701 SMARTi transceiver solution being chosen. We also see design wins from the big memory provider Samsung, providing both the memory for the PXA940 and the memory for the system itself.  Texas Instruments also earns design wins for their power management IC, the TPS65856 and their audio codec, the TLV320AIC36IZQER.  Dialog gets another key design win as well, as their DA9036 analog front-end is selected for the Torch.

    Using the expertise that can only be provided by TechInsights, all the information you need – from what exactly is in the Blackberry to the technology that comprises each individual component – can be made available to you using the resources of our combined analytical capabilities and our expansive database of information.


    Infineon PMB 5701 SMARTi Transceiver

    Infineon PMB 5701 SMARTi Transceiver

    When it was released, Infineon marketed the PMB 5701 as the world’s first single-chip CMOS transceiver IC for W-CDMA applications. We first came across this device when we took apart the iPhone 3G and since then we’ve been able to as comprehensive an analysis on this part as humanly (with help from a computer) possible.

    You can see the results of our research by ordering our report – found here.

  • Renesas R2A60177BG - RF Transceiver

    Renesas R2A60177BG

    The Renesas R2A61077BG RF receiver was also used within the Blackberry Bold 9000.

    For more information about this particular IC, please click here to see what information we can provide for you.

  • Synaptics T1021A Touchscreen Controller

    Synaptics T1021A

    The touchscreen controller for the Blackberry Torch was found on the flex board attached to the multi-touch screen. The T1021A from Synaptics was also found within the Kin Two and for Synaptics, is another major design win for their Clearpad technology in a highly competitive touchscreen controller market currently led by Texas Instruments.

    For more information about Synaptics’ controller, please click here to see what information we can provide for you.


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