• iPad 3G Full Teardown

    TechInsights not only has the most detailed product teardowns in the industry, but also the most comprehensive library of completed work.  The iPad analysis will join the 1000+ reports already in place.

    Teardown analysis is a key element of Technology & Market Assessment in our IP Lifecycle Management Services.  The data gathered through teardown activities is also used in our business intelligence projects and important for Leveraging IP.

    When it went under the knife on Saturday, April 3rd in Austin TX, we immediately created a Quick-Turn Teardown report on the iPad. Quick-Turn product teardown analyses are abbreviated teardown reports that typically provide an Executive Summary, some disassembly sequence photos, and selected IC Board shots (click on the thumbnail above to see some of the major silicon identified by the QT Teardown). This type of report is provided to TechInsights licensees as a supplementary report; it does not substitute for our commitment to provide full teardown reports to the channels. If you place an order for the full product teardown of the iPad you will receive the quick-turn report immediately.

    The QT Teardown immediately answers questions such as which vendors have won key sockets in the design and gives our customers a head-start on competitive benchmarking against the iPad.

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