Patent Sales / Brokerage


    Monetize Your Patent Portfolio

    TechInsights helps clients monetize their patent assets through structured divestment and contingency licensing transactions.

    Sell Patents

    Wondering how to sell a patent? Clients engage us to assist them in divesting patent portfolios for many reasons. They may have withdrawn from a certain business area or they could have acquired an entity holding patents that do not apply to the future direction of the combined entity. We provide a thoughtful, concise, and reasoned approach based on a two-tier auction model for these engagements.

    Acquire Patents

    Wondering how to buy patents? Often our clients request our assistance to acquire patents to help them build or add to a strategic patent portfolio. In some instances, they are moving into new business areas and there is a need to acquire patent assets for defensive purposes. They are seeking patents to support litigation that is under way or to aid in anticipated negotiations.

    Work with TechInsights to facilitate patent transactions for:

    • Anonymity in procurements projects
    • Development of bid-tension in divestment programs
    • Linkage to the finest patent-focused engineering team
    • Extensive library of evidence of use
    • An experienced brokerage team