Patent Portfolio Assessment

  • Leverage your patent portfolio to make strategic business decisions, seek new revenue opportunities and protect your core technology

    Most businesses understand the value of protecting their intellectual property (IP) and are diligent about applying for and receiving the necessary patent protection. All too often, however, the full potential of this protection is never realized. This is can simply be a result of lack of time, resources, or portfolio structure.Download More

    Patent portfolios can become large and cumbersome to manage over time due to mergers and acquisitions or changes in corporate direction, making it difficult to assess the full value of this strategic asset.

    Realize the Full Value of Your Patent Portfolio

    Professional patent portfolio assessment by TechInsights can help you to realize the full value of your patent holdings by:

    • Aligning your patent portfolio with the needs of your business
    • Reducing the cost of maintaining unnecessary patents by identifying surplus patents for licensing or sale
    • Shoring up patents associated with your ‘golden assets’ to protect core technologies from competition
    • Identifying opportunities for acquisition or strategic partnership


    TechInsights’ team of IP professionals will assess and organize your patent portfolio and clearly map your patents to your technology, products, competitors or business units based upon your business objectives.

    The result is meaningful and detailed patent information on which you can make strategic business decisions, save money, derive new revenue and protect your core assets.

    Once your portfolio is sorted based on a custom taxonomy, sorted patents are provided in a searchable database called Patent Vista. Patent Vista is a secure, portfolio management software that enables large patent holders to strategically manage their patent portfolios. It offers to ability to search, mine and filter both public and private information pertaining to the patent portfolio.