• Under pressure to save money on your maintenance fees?

    Patent maintenance fees can be a sizable expense. If you would like to realize significant savings, a portfolio audit can help you identify surplus patents and patents of limited value by:

    • helping you map your patents to technology, products, and competitors
    • understanding which patents are valuable and which are not
    • identifying areas that are over-patented or patents that do not align to your business plans

    Choose TechInsights to help you save money

    • knowing how to safely identify patents to cull
    • building a business case for your maintenance fee reduction program
    • identifying surplus patents that are safe to divest and likely to sell by
    • developing a regular maintenance fee reduction program for ongoing savings

    Make understanding your portfolio easy

    We have portfolio audit tools to help you understand how much you may be able to save with a maintenance fee reduction program. Contact us to learn more.

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