• Implementation of silicon nanocrystals in storage technology sets them apart from strong competition.

    OTTAWA, May 2, 2012/PR Newswire/ -- TechInsights, the leader in technology and IP consulting, is pleased to recognize Freescale Semiconductor with the Most Innovative Process Technology Insight Award for their PK60X256VLQ100 Kinetis ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller (MCU).

    TechInsights’ circuit analysis confirmed the presence of on-chip non-volatile memory made using Split-Gate Thin Film Storage (SG-TFS) technology. The choice of SG-TFS was found to be innovative for its unique construction. SG-TFS is built with silicon nanocrystals as the storage medium, making this Kinetis MCU the first commercial product to successfully utilize this technology.

    “Freescale’s achievement was the successful implementation of SG-TFS”, said Jason Abt, Director, Technical Intelligence. “We were pleasantly surprised when Freescale delivered production samples on schedule, and our initial investigation revealed this microcontroller truly did include on-chip non-volatile memory made with silicon nanocrystals. This technology results in a fast and reliable memory that is compatible with standard CMOS technology.”

    TechInsights has done extensive research and analysis on Freescale’s PK60X256VLQ100 ARM-based MCU; including examination of the device at the package and die level with analysis of the process technology, memory cell configuration and material identification.

    Since its introduction over a decade ago, the Insight Awards remain as the first industry-recognized program to celebrate engineering design and innovation at the semiconductor level. Winners are chosen independently from a judging panel consisting of senior analysts and engineers to ensure that devices submitted for consideration are evaluated on the merits of their design and technical achievements.

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