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    Effective Patent Portfolio Management LIVE Webcast

    Register now for this two-hour LIVE Webcast. Tuesday, October 20, 2015 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm (ET).


    UMC Joins Elite Club

    UMC joins the elite club who have mastered the gate-last metal gate (HKMG) transistor.


    Comparison 1Y nanometer NAND architecture and beyond

    A few years ago, some of the semiconductor process and device analysts thought 2D planar NAND Flash would soon be coming to an end due to the scaling limits...


    Patent business: An end to uncertainty?

    Changes in the US patent system have caused a number of problems, but the future may be brighter, as Art Monk of TechInsights reports.


    Hats Off to Hynix: Inside 1st High Bandwidth Memory

    TechInsights analyzes high bandwidth memory


    The Hunt for Hynix

    Hynix high bandwidth memory addresses bandwidth limitations.


    TechInsights: Planar NAND Flash Continues to Scale into 1X nm Regime

    NAND flash makers have started selling their 1X nm class of planar flash memory.


    TechInsights executives continue to be recognized as outstanding IP Strategists

    Mike McLean and Art Monk identified in 2015 list of World's Leading IP Strategists by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM).


    A Look Inside Apple iPhone 6 Plus Battery

    A tour of Apple's iPhone 6 battery helps nail down the one variable that determines manufacturing cost.


    Tracing Samsung’s Road to 14nm

    Samsung has lagged Intel in the release of its process nodes, especially the its 20nm node, which was more than two years behind Intel. Now Samsung has shrunk the lag for its 14nm to about 6 months.


    TechInsights: Non-Stop Innovation in Chip Packaging

    The semiconductor industry is entering the era of Internet of Things (IoT), where integration of sensing and actuation systems along with low power radio devices must be combined in a single package.


    TechInsights outlines trends shaping the global patent space in 2015

    2014 was a year in which patents were rarely out of the news. Pressures on patent system challenge extraction of patent value.


    Roadblocks to a successful sale

    Delighted as a patent portfolio seller might be to receive an offer to aquire it, there are many ways that the deal can fail. Art Monk of TechInsights suggests some tactics to avoid failure.

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    The London IP Summit

    Location: London, UK
    Date: October 12-13, 2015
    TechInsights Presence: Attend

    TechInsights is looking forward to attending this annual event. The event invites IP regulators, policy makers, Board-level IP managers as well as patent experts and investors in a dialogue designed to address and to discuss best practices and solutions to enhance global, regional; and national; patent management strategies. Please contact George Matta, Principal, IP Services and Danny Thomas, Director of Sales EMEA to set up a meeting at this event.

    LES Annual

    Location: New York, NY, USA
    Date: October 25-28, 2015
    TechInsights Presence: Attend

    TechInsights is looking forward to attending the upcoming LES Annual meeting. The attendees represent a highly diverse community of licensing, intellectual property, business development and technology professionals. The meeting offers a unique opportunity to gain broad exposure in the IP marketplace and reach a targeted group of decision makers. Please join Conor Sheehan VP, Global Business Development & Sales EMEA and Mike McLean, SVP, IP Services at this upcoming event. Contact us to set up a meeting in NYC.

    IPBC Asia

    Location: Tokyo, Japan
    Date: November 8-10, 2015
    Sponsorship level: Gold

    TechInsights is proud to be a gold level sponsor at this annual event. IPBC has established itself as the world’s principal forum for senior thought leaders who specialise in the business of intellectual property, giving them a forum to come together and discuss cutting-edge issues around IP value creation. Please join Mike McLean, SVP, IP Services on November 9th as he participates in the “Big Market, Big Change” panel discussion.

    Stop by booth #26 to meet with the rest of the TechInsights team or contact us to set up a meeting.



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