• Almost every piece of modern technology, from cell phones and cameras to the automobile, now contains microprocessors and attendant software.  Increasing amounts of functionality and value may now be contained in the software portion of the system rather than in the hardware.  This presents a challenge for those seeking to better understand the underlying design approach and patent status of electronic devices.  By the same token, as the investment and value in the software portion increase, so too does the need to protect this IP against infringement. 

    To effectively understand device functionality for the purposes of technical intelligence and IP management, the ability to perform not just hardware reverse engineering (RE) but also software RE, architectural & algorithmic analysis and software-aided system functional testing is required.  Specifically, to provide evidence of third party use of patented intellectual property requires obtaining samples of the potentially infringing device and analyzing it and the software inside.  Deeper understanding of software functionality is also required to assert IP rights or to help engineers with producing inter-operable devices.

    Managing Software Innovation

    As valuable intellectual property is increasingly embodied in software (either system level or embedded), it has become essential for innovators to apply proven IP management principles to ensure maximum ROI on software innovation investment and to manage risk in protecting/penetrating markets.  As a world leader in technical analysis and IP management services, TechInsights address the software technology environment through:

    • Software reverse engineering through static or dynamic code analysis (from simple disassembly of binary files into assembly language, to full "decompilation" to approach source code)
    • Architectural & algorithmic analysis
    • Software-aided functional testing
    • Dynamic analysis (combining software RE and functional testing)
    • Documentation analysis

    In addition to the analysis of consumer products and similar microprocessor and DSP-based embedded systems, TechInsights provides software technical analysis on desktop and enterprise systems.

    Expertise Spanning Silicon to Software

    Built on our deep expertise in reverse engineering and functional analysis of electronic circuits and embedded software, combined with an unmatched understanding of the intellectual property and patent environment, TechInsights supports the most challenging competitive, technical and intellectual property decisions.  Our expertise spans silicon to software to systems.

    With years of involvement in patent litigation and US International Trade Commission cases, we provide respected third-party perspectives on a wide range of hardware and software related technical and intellectual property issues. TechInsights has a track record of winning for our clients. We bridge the technology and legal worlds with a unique ability to understand patents and prepare “court-room ready” evidence of use. Our superior visibility to prior art means faster, more credible evaluation of claims and greater confidence in achieving desired outcomes.

    Rely on TechInsights

    TechInsights works with leading component suppliers and product manufacturers to enable superior technical, marketing, commercial and legal decision-making. Engineers, product managers, competitive intelligence staff and IP specialists, rely on our deep technical insight and extensive IP experience in hardware and software to maximize returns, minimize risk and achieve sustainable competitive advantage.


TechInsights originated in 1989 as Semiconductor Insights. Now, 25+ years later, we are headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with state of the art labs, an expansive research portfolio and over 180 employees worldwide.