• Getting the Most out of your Technology and Intellectual Property (IP) Investments

    TechInsights provides medical electronics device manufacturers and their suppliers with intellectual property, business intelligence and technology services to drive critical business decisions.

    The convergence of the medical devices sector with consumer electronics brings both opportunity and threat. Opportunities include monetizing IP assets and licensing to non-medical markets, whereas the threats lie in aggressive patent defense from patent holders in technologies such as wireless.

    Whether you are responsible for technology or market positioning, or getting the most out of your intellectual property, TechInsights' experience and reputation can work for you.

    Understand medtech emerging trends, opportunities and risks

    Medical device manufacturers are experiencing competitive threats as healthcare shifts to the consumer. Understanding what technology is currently on the market or in development, including within other markets, can reduce costs and time to market, and shore up competitive positioning.

    Advanced analytic capabilities to solve your unique technical challenges

    Leveraging our broad experience in consumer electronics and wireless products, TechInsights provides sophisticated product analysis to assist medical device companies and their OEM suppliers in product development decisions and benchmarking.


    TechInsights' has a vast library of technical reports on electronics products and associated components including various consumer medical devices such as:

    • home healthcare monitors - including: sleep, blood pressure and vital signs monitors;
    • telemedicine equipment;
    • ECG monitors and defibrillators; and
    • maging devices.


    As well, in-depth technical analysis is available including

    • system-level functional and architectural analysis
    • component-level structural/materials analysis
    • waveform analysis and circuit analysis


    This type of detailed technical analysis for complex devices is used to understand competitive positioning as well as support evidence of use investigations.