• Your IP Technology Partner

    Both legal staff and outside counsel recognize that in patent infringement cases access to public patent information is not enough. Detailed technical analysis is needed to provide case material for defensive or assertive patent purposes. When these situations arise it is essential to be able to access hard, objective evidence of use.

    In other situations, legal advisors require support to help their clients evolve to a more assertive stance on IP for licensing and competitive purposes to drive successful patent compensation and cross-licensing negotiations.

    In either case, internal resources may not be available, have the access to the parts or documentation, or have the time to find the required information.

    An Extension of Your Intellectual Property Team

    TechInsights operates as an extension of your intellectual property team providing deep technical capabilities, broad prior-art experience and essential business intelligence to support your decision-making through:

    • Technical analysis: functional testing, reverse engineering, circuit analysis and software algorithm extraction to establish hard evidence of use
    • Competitive intelligence: understanding IP landscape (competitive IP holdings and management history, etc.)
    • Patent intelligence: monitoring technology trends, uncover patents downstream from key technologies, identifying potential licensing/partnership opportunities, establishing prior art


    We provide invaluable support for infringement investigations, prior art assessments and patent assertion cases. Our comprehensive analytical capabilities provide:

    • Comprehensive support for identifying licensing targets
    • Detailed reverse engineering and testing of systems, integrated circuits and software
    • In-depth technical analysis and matching of reverse engineering results to claim elements to assist in building infringement or invalidity arguments


    TechInsights is widely respected within the legal community, working with the top litigators and frequently requested by major clients. So whether you are a leading an IP team on a tight timeline in need of prior art information or evidence of use that will stand up in court, a patent attorney looking to maximize the quality of patents or an IP specialist advising clients on IP strategy, TechInsights is an essential partner in your success.

    Beyond support for patent licensing and litigation, TechInsights helps Legal/IP professionals to design an IP management strategy to:

    • Maximize ROI and minimize cost of patent portfolio
    • Ensure the creation of more valuable, higher quality patents
    • Identify patents for acquisition and divestiture



TechInsights originated in 1989 as Semiconductor Insights. Now, 25+ years later, we are headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with state of the art labs, an expansive research portfolio and over 180 employees worldwide.