• Investors in Innovation

    Sound investing depends on timely access to unique market insights.  Leading investors in market sectors involving technology and innovation understand the advantages of getting the best intelligence to guide their decisions.

    Prior to making an investment, venture capitalists must understand the risks in technology, competition and intellectual property to answer questions such as:  Will the product work? Is the IP protected? Are there any patent obstacles to commercialization or licensing?

    Private equity investors, M&A specialists and corporate bankers must establish the value of a patent portfolio as part of a financial transaction involving a technology product company or may wish to assess and acquire patents for investment purposes.  In the latter case, having built a patent portfolio, investors then require “evidence of use” to generate licensing revenues.

    Finally, fund managers and financial analysts concerned about the performance of a company or specific market sector require insight into a variety of technical and IP issues that could affect future revenue streams and profitability.

    Material Data on Technology and Intellectual Property

    TechInsights provides custom product teardowns and reverse engineering as well as access to a comprehensive library of technical intelligence that allow financial analysts to:

    • Benchmark component content in a product to show component supplier sales momentum or reveal supply risk that could adversely impact a manufacturer’s production
    • Assess the long-term competitiveness of a product from a technology, design and manufacturability perspective
    • Determine relative product cost structures that impact profit margins
    • Identify potential patent infringement risks or licensing costs in the design
    • Establish the true value of a company’s patent portfolio

    We also provide valuable intellectual property support for corporate due diligence including:

    • Landscaping of third-party and related IP
    • Assessment of patent quality through technical analysis
    • Prior art reviews

    For investors seeking to manage their own patent portfolio for maximum return on investment, TechInsights facilitates the acquisition of high-quality patents through our brokerage practice, identifies potential licensing targets and provides well documented evidence of use for licensing negotiations and infringement claims.

    The Advantage of Deeper Insight

    TechInsights is the largest source of comprehensive technical intelligence data and IP services in the industry.  For financial analysts, gaining access to our deep technical analysis library, obtaining custom business intelligence reports and using our specialized teardown and reverse engineering services, can mean the difference between having data and unique investment insight.  We have particular experience with high growth, high volume electronics and related software in industry sectors such as semiconductors, consumer electronics, clean technology, medical devices and automotive products.  Our analysts have the ability, derived from extensive work in patent litigation, to translate complex technology insights into concise, easy to understand and actionable reports ideal for the investment community.

    Support for Solid Investment Decisions

    Whether you are a financial analyst looking for a broad view of industry/technology trends, a fund manager seeking answers to specific product or IP questions that might impact a company valuation or an investor in patent portfolios trying to more effectively monetize your investment, TechInsights gives you the edge you need to maximize returns from technology markets.


TechInsights originated in 1989 as Semiconductor Insights. Now, 25+ years later, we are headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with state of the art labs, an expansive research portfolio and over 180 employees worldwide.