Markets Served

  • Business Built on Innovation

    Companies operating in markets characterized by rapid innovation, high-volume consumer applications and fierce competition must use every tool at their disposal to accelerate time to market, defend competitive market positions and maximize return on investment.

    TechInsights can help you to gain a deeper understanding of your competitive environment, improve R&D effectiveness and reduce risk of patent infringement

    • Benchmarking your technical position
    • Understanding your competitive costing
    • Improving the vendor selection process
    • Highlighting roadblocks/risks to product development
    • Understanding your patent licensing requirements and costs


    What’s hard to believe is that one of an organization’s greatest assets – their patent portfolio - is often overlooked for its strategic and monetary value.

    Helping to Maximize the Value of Your Patent Portfolio

    TechInsights can help you to establish a true competitive advantage by:


    Underpinning Better Business Decisions

    TechInsights provides services to companies that support market development, product management and IP asset creation programs, including:

    IP management services to guide licensing strategies, defend market share, reduce risk of infringement and improve ROI through portfolio development, patent acquisition, patent assertion and ongoing IP management consulting.

    Technology intelligence to solve design challenges through custom device analysis or by levering our library of thousands of professional consumer product teardowns containing details such as part identification and counts, accurate cost estimates and a standard metrics to characterize attributes. We can also expose embedded software content (e.g. memory foot print, cost of licensing, etc) effectively providing a “bill of materials’ (BOM) for software as well as hardware.

    Business intelligence tailored for effective product management, technology and IP decision-making including competitive patent landscapes and data to forecast technology and product trends.