Circuit Analysis Techniques: Delayering and Circuit Vision

  • Layer by layer: How to deconstruct the most complex semiconductors
  • Delayering semiconductor die is often required for a wide variety of applications - circuit reverse engineering, failure analysis, transistor characteristics measurement, circuit edit, and more. The delayering techniques employed by TechInsights involve a wide range of parameters which include effort, equipment, cost, risk and accuracy. Choosing the right process and techniques requires sound knowledge of semiconductor architecture in order to create valuable circuit design schematics.

    Circuit extraction can provide valuable evidence of use in competing products that is difficult to find using other means. TechInsights CircuitVision provides a highly interactive, easy to navigate view into circuit designs, as well as the physical implementation on the IC. Hierarchical schematics demonstrate the design from the block down to gate level - all linked to the original layout, showing the extracted gates and associated interconnect.

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