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    TechInsights’ IRIS puts competitive teardown information on over 30,000 products readily available in this easily searchable web-based database.

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    Integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers worldwide are facing significant pressure to find new revenue and escalate innovation in order to stay competitive. Tracking the competitive design wins to determine which parts drive revenue is becoming increasingly important. IC manufacturers require competitive intelligence for research and development purposes, but also to assist in generating targeted patent litigation or licensing campaigns as an alternate source of revenue.

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    By using TechInsights' Information Retrieval Insights System (IRIS) you can:

    • Determine design wins in high revenue products to help reveal licensing campaigns and/or complimentary part opportunities
    • Gather competitive intelligence to better understand supply chain relationships.
    • Explore technology trends across device and product sectors
    • Measure the value and impact of design and technology choices
    • Stay ahead of industry changes

    IRIS Overview

    IRIS is a web-based platform that enables users to query over 30,000 products to make faster, better, and more cost-effective decisions about their competitive positioning, technology options, R&D strategies, intellectual property positions, and marketplace opportunities. This platform leverages TechInsights' industry leading database of product teardowns including cellular handsets, digital cameras, multimedia players, navigation devices, wearable and wellness devices, gaming devices, and the various elements that make up the digital home.

    The intuitive IRIS web browser interface provides a range of search filters to provide system level metrics ranging from package/die characteristics to bill of materials (B0M) and feature sets. Locate specific parts on either a system level or IC level by searching against function, manufacturer, part number, or a combination of criteria.

    Users of IRIS can generate dynamic reports to identify trends across hot features, devices, and manufacturers’ product designs and costing data. These reports can be used by industry stakeholders to make better IP-related business and investment decisions.


    Key Features

    Intuitive: IRIS provides an interface that is easy to navigate. Within seconds, specific IC or system data is provided with associated contextual information.

    Interactive: Search boxes enable full or partial searching on a range of IC or system criteria. Results can be refined using nested filters to produce key relevant data sets.

    Accessible: Support for all major web browsers is provided. View reports on your desktop, laptop, or tablet devices.

    Visual: Customizable visualizations display IC data using selection driven filters and lists. Generate on-demand graphical representations of any data set to identify trends.

    Related: Pinpoint connections between system-package-die, components and create interconnected visualizations that transcend thousands of components and devices.


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