IP-Enabled Strategy

  • Your IP - the Secret to an Informed Business Strategy

    The Business Planning Challenge

    In today’s highly competitive and fast moving technology environment you are under mounting pressure to make the right decisions quickly. Traditionally, market intelligence that is readily available is based on prediction. What you need is to take the guess work out of your business planning and have the information that you need to confidently make the strategic business decisions to secure the success of your business.

    The Secret is Your Patent Portfolio

    Long overlooked for its strategic value, there is significant business intelligence concealed within your patent portfolio and within the patents and applications of your competition. Through their expert insights and experience, TechInsights can provide your organization with the information that you need to make mission-critical business decisions –using information that your competition has potentially overlooked.

    Traditional consulting companies are good at gathering market information, conducting interviews, brainstorming and creating hypotheses but TechInsights provides fact-based information and analysis drawn from existing and pending patent applications, made possible through our deep patent and technical experience and unmatched professional analysis.

    Business & Technology Consulting Expertise

    Due to TechInsights’ beginnings as a reverse engineering firm, over 24 years ago, we understand technology inside and out. This expertise combined with the skills of our global and cross-industry patent professionals enables us to expertly read and interpret patents, patent applications and entire patent portfolios.

    Layered on top of this technological expertise are TechInsights’ business strategists who are skilled at interpreting this patent analysis and leveraging the findings to provide you with fact-based competitive, technology and market intelligence that you can use to inform your strategic business decisions. The result is the information you need to gain a competitive edge in your current or new markets.