Insight Awards Category Criteria

    Most Innovative Logic Process

    TechInsights has always been at the forefront of understanding and analyzing the latest in logic process technology for over 20 years. The 2013 Insight Awards recognizes the constant innovation in this field with the Most Innovative Logic Process category. This award is given to the semiconductor design that has best implemented a new process technology deemed to be the most innovative against its fellow nominees.

    The nominees in this category will be evaluated for:

    • Transistor design & performance
    • Process architecture (device dependent – digital/analog mix, memory density, logic/transistor density, layer structure, etc)
    • Innovative use of advanced materials & interconnects
    • Front end innovations: Changes in gate length/minimum feature size, transistor design
    • Back end innovations: metallization, unusual materials, planarization techniques
    • Number of transistors on a die, clock speed
    • Integration innovation (i.e. SOC designs, memory, analog and logic combined)
    • Market share (i.e. presence and impact)
    • Patent coverage on design

    The finalists for this category feature entrants to the Insight Awards that introduced new process nodes, new manufacturing techniques and new material structures. The products to be chosen will be selected for the level of innovation they represent.

    Most Innovative Memory Device

    One of the first categories to be created for the Insight Awards was Most Innovative Memory Device. In 2013, memory technology has reached unparalleled heights of innovation. This award is given to the memory product (SSD, semiconductor or memory-based device) that is deemed to be the most innovative against its fellow nominees.

    The nominees in this category will be evaluated for:

    • Memory cell design (e.g. storage capacity on DRAM)
    • Memory density and linewidth
    • Access speeds
    • Advanced packaging technologies
    • Advanced process technologies
    • I/O architecture; data path innovations
    • Novelty: ferroelectric, PCM, 1T-SRAM, etc.
    • Market share, market presence
    • Patent coverage on design

    Most Innovation Processor / System-on-Chip (Soc)

    As electronics become portable and consumers demand increased, functionality from these electronics, the processors that drive these devices take on greater importance. Mobile and application processors/SoCs usage has grown at an exponential rate and that rate of growth is only matched by the advances in technology that continues to occur. This award recognizes the advancements these components represent.

    The nominees in this category will be evaluated for:

    • Device integration: number of cores, number of GPUs, wireless radio technologies, memory
    • Technology: advanced manufacturing process (linewidth, number of transistors, memory size)
    • Power: best power consumption specs
    • Processor performance: ability to process polygons, etc
    • Market share, market presence. Is processor used in high profile devices?
    • Patent coverage on design
    • Each will have specific judging criteria

    Semiconductor of the Year

    This award is presented to the semiconductor determined to be the most innovative and technologically elegant component of 2013. This award recognozies the component that has made the largest impact on the entire semiconductor industry and largest potential to transform the industry.

    Companies nominated for this category will be asked to explain the development process of their device including what steps they took along their path to innovation.


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