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Published: 11 December 2015

The transistor characteristics report of the TSMC 16 nm finFET Process in the Apple A9 Processor provides analysis on the DC electrical properties of the logic NMOS and PMOS transistors. The transistor report includes plotted transfer and output characteristics and tabulated measurements of key performance benchmarks measured at -20, 25, and 80 °C. Specific DC Analysis Benchmarks of the NMOS and PMOS transistors include: • Threshold voltage (linear and saturated) • Drive Current (IDSAT) • Leakage current (both gate and channel) • Sub-threshold slope • Transconductance • Punch-through voltage • Process gain factor • IDS vs. VGS plot • IDS vs. VDS plot Supporting cross sections and imaging will include: • Package (top) • Package (bottom) • Package X-ray • Die photograph • Die Marking • SEM topographical image of measured NMOS and PMOS transistors • TEM cross-section showing NMOS and PMOS gate length • TEM cross-section showing NMOS and PMOS fin width

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