Governing Principles

  • Management of confidential and proprietary information

    In the realm of technology innovation and intellectual property, confidentiality and integrity in business practices are paramount. TechInsights’ reputation for deep technical expertise and unmatched experience in intellectual property matters is reinforced by the highest ethical standards in managing sensitive customer relationships and proprietary information.

    In recognition of the fact that we are often dealing with our clients’ most sensitive and valuable information, we begin our assignments by insisting that virtually all of our client work is carried out under formal Non Disclosure Agreements.  Beginning with the execution of  NDAs (with clients and employees), through detailed training and practices for securing the flow of information between clients and TechInsights staff, extraordinary measures are in place that routinely withstand the scrutiny of our most demanding clients.  The underlying principle that guides our treatment of confidential information is that at no time will proprietary knowledge gained through work with a client be used in work with any other client, disclosed to unauthorized employees or released in the public domain.

    Formal procedures define TechInights assignment management practices, prescribing strict handling methods for proprietary information. The movement of client documentation is tracked from initial receipt, maintaining detailed chain of custody, with documents restricted to those employees cleared by clients to access the material. Physical or device samples are treated under a similar regimen with restriction on the use of samples and storage of samples in TechInsights controlled-access vault. Finally, project assignment management practices allow us to "firewall" Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) analysts with whom clients have shared proprietary information in the event that we may be serving other players in the marketplace on different matters.

    As well, strict guidelines are in place to protect our clients, the target organizations of their IPR campaigns and TechInsights itself from the complications that could result from an assignment conflict situation. These guidelines, similar in nature to what you would expect from any legal firm, apply to cases in which we have previously been retained to provide IPR consulting or patent brokerage services on behalf of a client. If necessary, potential conflict scenarios are referred to the TechInsights Executive Conflict Committee for a specific determination to be made in the best interests of the parties involved. All clients are protected by our comprehensive IPR conflict policy. Clients may also negotiate additional contractual agreements to extend this conflict protection.

    With a conflict policy unsurpassed by any competitor or consulting firm, and tight control of confidential and proprietary information, TechInsights has built a reputation for unwavering discretion and integrity in its dealings with its clients. It is the strict adherence to these policies that has enabled us to repeatedly serve industry leaders at such a strategic level.

    We encourage all potential clients to ask for more details regarding our governing principles