• TechInsights
    An organizational culture founded on these core values:

    • Open, inclusive and honest communication with the ability to question and express differing opinions
    • A fanatical focus on the customer and winning business
    • Continually raising the bar, with a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo
    • Where making and honoring commitments is the only way we know how to work – a place where things get done
    • One that attracts and retains the best and enables people to grow to their inherent capabilities
    • Where achievers are rewarded and individuals are not punished for mistakes that occur while trying to progress the organization
    • Where politics and game playing are not tolerated


TechInsights originated in 1989 as Semiconductor Insights. Now, 25+ years later, we are headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with state of the art labs, an expansive research portfolio and over 180 employees worldwide.