Patent & technology professionals

    TechInsights’ success is founded upon the expertise of its patent and technology staff, their continuous spirit of research and innovation, and a focus on client satisfaction. Our engineering and consulting teams combine cutting edge reverse-engineering capabilities with a deep understanding of patents to deliver high value solutions for our clients.

    Ready to join a team of the brightest & most talented minds?

    We regularly hire experts in

    • Consumer electronics, semiconductors, and systems/software related to architecture, structure, design, testing or analysis.
    • Intellectual property related to patent validity, evidence of use, due diligence, freedom to operate, and patent landscaping.
    • Lab services related to teardown, advanced sample preparation, imaging and testing.

    TechInsights' employee comments


    Working at TechInsights is the quintessential cure for “Monday morning blues” – there is always a new and intriguing technical challenge awaiting a solution and a great team of IPR professionals eager to take it on!
    Radu Trandafir
    Radu Trandafir
    Engineering Manager, Systems, TechInsights
    Working at TechInsights is ideal for those who are naturally inquisitive; it affords the opportunity to deconstruct and study devices at the forefront of technology. The combination of the technical work, culture, and people make it a fun environment - one that I look forward to each day.
    Eugene Hsu, Ph.D.
    Eugene Hsu, Ph.D.
    Technical Staff, Lab Services, TechInsights
    It is a joy to work with experts who are not afraid to push the limits of innovation. It is never a question of ‘can we’, but always ‘how can we’, which in my mind, creates a productive work environment.
    Christie Thompson
    Christie Thompson
    Director of Marketing, TechInsights



TechInsights originated in 1989 as Semiconductor Insights. Now, 25+ years later, we are headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with state of the art labs, an expansive research portfolio and over 180 employees worldwide.