Why TechInsights?

  • “TechInsights has a broad product portfolio and that’s a real asset.”

    TechInsights helps companies optimize the value of their patents by researching their portfolios, understanding cross-market applicability and advising on development, assertion and divestment strategies. Our complete portfolio of consulting services helps our clients to maximize their patent investments from creation to divestiture and every step in-between. Representing clients including 25 of the top 50 US patent holders, the company has a long history of helping companies maximize the value of their assets.


    • Enables IP professionals to manage their intellectual property investments and to leverage this valuable asset in making mission-critical business decisions.
    • Possesses the largest technical and IP body of knowledge in our industry and our team has broader domain and sector experience than any competitor in our space accumulated over the past 24 years since our incorporation in 1989.
    • Provides a range of research and advisory services though our industry – differentiated by our IP Lifecycle approach to client needs.