• TechInsights has the largest and most competent team in the industry with deep technical knowledge across all our areas of domain expertise.  We are globally diversified with offices and laboratories in all major market geographies.  Over the years we have amassed an incomparable library of devices and technical analysis reports.

    Facilities and Expertise

    The company is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and maintains offices and laboratory facilities in Canada, the US, China, Europe and Japan.  The majority of our 320 employees are scientists, engineers, physicists or technologists, “skilled in the art” of technology, with extensive IP experience in particular.


    Device (chip) Library (32,000+ cataloged devices), Prior Art Library (datasheets, and papers, etc. dating back to the mid-1970’s), Analysis Reports (8400), Product Teardowns (1200), search services to access patent databases and technical literature, and our DIE PHOTO LIBRARY®

    External Contractor Network

    For specialized expertise in niche areas of technology, TechInsights can draw upon its extensive network of external contractors.

    Global Sourcing Services

    TechInsights has a dedicated team for sourcing components and devices for analysis.  We have put in place a global supply chain that provides:

    • Strategic sourcing for industry leading companies
    • Regional coverage, particularly in Asia
    • Access to leading edge devices or systems
    • Ability to source “hard to find” components


TechInsights originated in 1989 as Semiconductor Insights. Now, 25+ years later, we are headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with state of the art labs, an expansive research portfolio and over 180 employees worldwide.