IP Professional Services

  • The TechInsights Professional Services organization works with clients to monetize their patent portfolios, defend a patent position, protect market share, and to provide competitive intelligence on competing products. Our regional consultant teams are led by Professional Service Principals who are thought leaders in the intersection of intellectual property and technology. Through our work, we deliver a variety of standard and custom reports that address all phases of the IP/Technology lifecycle.

    Technical Intelligence

    Our Technical Intelligence services include reverse engineering and integrated circuit/electronic systems analysis to provide insights into circuit design and layout, device or system functionality, device structure and fabrication process, and package design.  We document our findings in standard reports that help our clients jump start internal innovation, understand competitive costing and benchmark their product performance.  In addition to “Quick Look” summaries of technical analysis, we provide: 

    • Functional Layout
    • Detailed Structural Analysis
    • Transistor Characteristics
    • Waveform Analysis
    • Package Construction Analysis

    TechInsights Technical Intelligence reports are also the technical foundation of our prior art assessment and patent assertion offerings.

    Vendor Knowledge

    Our Vendor Knowledge program assists Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in selecting and evaluating vendors and provides negotiation leverage through knowledge of manufacturing cost and reliability information.  We perform “Quick Look” summaries plus detailed technical analysis and cost modeling, documenting our findings in standardized reports that include:

    • Cost Analysis
    • Reliability Analysis

    Patent Portfolio Assessment

    TechInsights assesses a patent portfolio to determine strengths and weaknesses, identify assets for enforcement or sale, provide guidance to invention selection or patent acquisition, and ensure overall alignment with business strategy. These services drive licensing revenue and help reduce maintenance fees on under-performing assets. Our findings are delivered in standardized reports and, for extensive portfolios, in electronic format using our PatentVista (Patent Portfolio Management System) intellectual property management software.

    IP/Patent Landscape

    TechInsights performs a survey of third party patents relevant to a specific technology or market.  We identify the patents and applications of interest, providing commentary on associated trends and potential business impacts. Our Patent Landscape reports help our clients identify patents for acquisition, roadblocks to product development, opportunities for future patenting as well as alternative applications and markets for their intellectual property.

    Competitive Landscape

    TechInsights will analyze a company to gain insight for competitive intelligence, future planning such as litigation or product planning. TechInsights is in a unique position as we have inside knowledge of a company’s products and where they are found in the world. We also have an inside view into a company’s technology and patent portfolio. Grouping this knowledge with market research and a company’s financial data provides a customer with excellent insight into a competitor. A Competitive Landscape will help you make informed decisions on critical investments and company directions.

    Campaign Assessment

    TechInsights will help a company select the best target products for an assertive licensing campaign. By combining the results from a previous Patent Portfolio Assessment and a Competitive Landscape a client will get a short list of devices to target and a reverse engineering plan in order to find hard evidence to build an assertive licensing case. Understanding the market, obtaining the best products for revenue/volume and applicability to the client’s patent portfolio are key prerequisites to successfully finding evidence and to an eventual successful and profitable licensing negotiation. A campaign assessment is critical to minimizing your cash outlay to find hard evidence and helps to maximize your returns with a successful licensing campaign.

    Prior Art Assessment

    Leveraging our proprietary report and product inventory as well as publically available literature and patent databases, TechInsights performs a comprehensive investigation of the art related to a patent or invention.  As appropriate, these reports will also include many of the elements of our technical analysis reports.

    Patent Assertion

    TechInsights provides technical support and intelligence to clients asserting their patent rights to generate licensing revenue, protect market share, or as part of a defensive strategy.  Our analysis includes:  patent mining, target identification and market research, reverse engineering and claims analysis.  We also provide expert licensing and litigation support.  Our technical analysis reports provide a rigorous underpinning to our patent assertion services.