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    Patent Vista is a patent management tool that enables IP intensive companies to more effectively manage their IP portfolios for better prosecution, licensing and divestiture activities.

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    What is PatentVista?

    PatentVista is a secure, robust Software-as-a-Service tool for managing complex patent portfolios, evaluating the strength of your company’s intellectual property, and collaborating with others to increase the value of your portfolio.

    Use PatentVista to make strategic portfolio decisions, understand the strengths and weaknesses of their existing portfolio, more effective use of patent prosecution and acquisition budgets, guide cost revenue generation, support patent assertions and defense activities, and managing the strongest and most appropriate patents.

    Why PatentVista?

    Your patents potentially can unlock millions of dollars in revenue if managed correctly. Unfortunately many organizations manage Patents in static PDF files, Wikis or Microsoft Excel sheets. These approaches make it hard to realize the value of their assets. If the following questions apply to you, try PatentVista.

    • Does your Patent Knowledge Management System allow you to make strategic decisions about the contents of your portfolio?
    • Does it help to streamline your workflow and allow you to more effectively utilize resources?
    • Does your patent knowledge management system enforce consistent processes and support knowledge reuse?






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