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iPad2 Analysis Underway

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Thursday afternoon, Allan Yogasingam and I travelled down to Syracuse, NY, to pick up a couple of iPads for analysis. The line-up at the Carousel Center was longer than we expected, but it only started to grow late in the afternoon. Since Allan and I were in line by 10AM, we were in the first group through the door.

We joined an eclectic group of Apple enthusiasts similarly motivated to arrive early. The first in line was an elderly fedora-sporting gentleman who had apparently never used an iOS-based product, but was looking forward to his purchase. Immediately beside us was US military Captain Kim, who had driven down from Fort Drum for the event. She was scheduled to leave for Afghanistan for her new posting in Logistics mere hours after the iPad2 went on sale. Stay safe, Captain!

Also present was Jeanine and her 10-year old daughter, of Ithaca, NY, planning a move to Berlin, Germany, in June, and looking forward to using their new iPad2 in their new home. There was the Apple Genius-in-training who just couldn't wait to buy his iPad, and spent several hours helping his fellow consumers with their Apple products, including a memorable first successful Facetime call for a couple of us. All in all, the time passed quickly.

Allan and I made good time back to Ottawa, where we have a team of experts ready to begin their analysis and force the iPad2 to reveal its secrets. What is the A5 processor? Who did Apple choose to provide the flash memory? Did they stick with Qualcomm to provide the 3G connectivity, or have they decided to go in a different direction?

We will have some answers tomorrow. Stay tuned...

-- Jason White, PatentVista Product Manager  

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